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Passionate about cyber security, data protection and privacy.

A-IS is an information and cyber security consultancy based in Tees Valley, UK. We provide products and services that help organisations of all industries tackle complex cyber security and data protection issues.


Capabilities and Areas of Practice

Governance, risk & compliance

Alberry Information Security are experienced information security consultants and auditors. We help organisations implement information security management systems, personal information management systems and cyber security schemes. Our technological approach to ongoing support makes remaining compliant simple.

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Cyber Security Strategy

Information security should assist an organisation in achieving its goals and objectives, whilst building greater resilience. We help organisations develop information and cyber security strategies aligned to the organisation’s risk profile, maturity level and culture. A cyber security strategy aligned with business objectives is more likely to gain senior management support.

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Penetration Testing

Cyber security assurance by means of vulnerability discovery and offensive testing is a very effective identifying and resolving weaknesses before they are exploited maliciously. We provide a wide range of testing methodologies such as vulnerability scanning, web application testing, perimeter testing, wireless network testing and social engineering.

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Due Diligence

Securing the supply chain is a vital component of information security strategy and is a common control in information security and data protection standards. We are experienced in assisting organisations with both conducting and responding to due diligence checking.

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Data Protection and Privacy

Data protection and privacy regulations affect every organisation differently, despite the same EU GDPR regulation applying to all legal entities in the EU. Alberry Information Security are expert GDPR practitioners with experience in many different industries.

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Awareness and Training

Securing the human element. We provide training to organisations’ staff on cyber threats, related business risks and how to comply with data protection legislation such as the EU GDPR.

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